Howard Marklein

$218,802Total Contributions
$28,704Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this candidate’s campaign.

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Total Expenditures
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$5,000.00 Cers ENTITY
$2,244.00 United States Postal Service ENTITY
$2,000.00 Dan Kapanke ENTITY
$2,000.00 Eric Wimberger ENTITY
$2,000.00 Robert Stafsholt ENTITY
$1,828.44 Wisconsin Riverside Resort ENTITY
$1,795.30 Shutterfly ENTITY
$1,614.99 U S Cellular ENTITY
$1,500.00 Patrick Testin ENTITY
$1,000.00 Julian Bradley ENTITY
$1,000.00 Tom Tiffany ENTITY
$904.58 Prange Katy ENTITY
$880.00 Capital Station Retail ENTITY
$780.70 Lakeshore Weekly ENTITY
$500.00 Mary Felzkowski ENTITY
$500.00 Schambow Joseph ENTITY
$450.49 Heinzen Printing & Promotional ENTITY
$369.40 Anedot ENTITY
$330.00 Lavalle Post Office ENTITY
$307.25 Online Services LLC ENTITY
$288.00 ENTITY
$253.20 Krueger Printing Inc ENTITY
$167.23 Shell ENTITY
$129.01 Howard Marklein ENTITY
$100.00 Wsconsin Federation of Republican Women ENTITY