Dan Kapanke

$620,520Total Contributions
$601,699Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this candidate’s campaign.

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Total Expenditures
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$283,770.00 Flex Point Media Inc ENTITY
$149,354.14 Republican Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund ENTITY
$43,004.91 Committee to Elect a Republican Senate - Seg Fund ENTITY
$34,712.81 Arena LLC ENTITY
$8,000.00 Luchsinger Abby M ENTITY
$7,098.04 Sleepy Hollow Chevrolet Buick Gmc ENTITY
$6,198.65 Unisource Direct ENTITY
$6,000.00 Redprint Strategy ENTITY
$5,712.54 Ums Print Solutions LLC ENTITY
$5,638.94 United States Postal Service ENTITY
$4,407.26 Cls Services Inc ENTITY
$3,400.00 Lamar Companies ENTITY
$2,983.54 Proline Printing ENTITY
$2,916.00 Weld Riley sc ENTITY
$2,801.37 White Asa ENTITY
$2,310.43 Lakeshore Weekly ENTITY
$2,300.00 Aristotle International Inc ENTITY
$1,947.61 River Valley Newspaper Group ENTITY
$1,942.12 Zift ENTITY
$1,925.30 The Waterfront Restaurant ENTITY
$1,746.40 Ryan Huebsch ENTITY
$1,637.53 Kwik Trip Inc ENTITY
$1,624.76 La Crosse Tribune ENTITY
$1,610.00 Castaways on the Island ENTITY
$1,518.75 Golden Hills Auction ENTITY