Texas Political Action Committee
$2,351Cash on Hand
$398,600Total Contributions
$421,617Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these donors to this political action committee during the selected election cycle.

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Total Donations
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$45,000.00 James R Holcomb INDIVIDUAL
$31,500.00 Laura and Mike Moody INDIVIDUAL
$30,000.00 Jim Lemming INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 David and Bonnie Weekley INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Don Klein INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 George & Kathy Britton INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Jason Golan INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Larry D Johnson The Johnson Development Corp INDIVIDUAL
$11,000.00 Daniel K Signorelli INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Frank B McGuyer INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Pulte PAC ENTITY
$7,000.00 Harry Masterson INDIVIDUAL
$6,500.00 Walter T Nelson INDIVIDUAL
$6,000.00 Michael Dishberger INDIVIDUAL
$6,000.00 Tom Walker INDIVIDUAL
$5,000.00 Jeff Dye INDIVIDUAL
$4,000.00 Howard Cohen INDIVIDUAL
$4,000.00 James Goettee Jr INDIVIDUAL
$4,000.00 Jon Skeele INDIVIDUAL
$3,000.00 Adam Bakir INDIVIDUAL
$3,000.00 Alex Kamkar INDIVIDUAL
$3,000.00 Jennifer Hamelet INDIVIDUAL
$3,000.00 John Williams INDIVIDUAL
$3,000.00 Leslie King INDIVIDUAL
$3,000.00 Michael G Manners INDIVIDUAL