Republican Party of Pennsylvania
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Total Contributions
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$568,655.29 Kevin Brobson Judge Brobson for Supreme Court
$567,885.73 Frank Farry Friends of Frank Farry
$511,273.26 Tracy Pennycuick Friends of Tracy Pennycuick
$509,563.13 Camera Bartolotta Camera for Senate
$457,760.40 Nicole Ziccarelli Friends of Nicole Ziccarelli
$454,018.71 Heather Heidelbaugh Heidelbaugh for Attorney General Inc
$447,650.62 Rosemary Brown Brown, Rosemary for State Rep
$416,839.96 Lori Mizgorski Mizgorski, Lori We Believe In
$373,835.98 Megan Sullivan Friends of Megan Sullivan
$373,012.08 Wendi Thomas Friends of Wendi Thomas
$370,094.78 Thomas McGarrigle Mcgarrigle for Senate
$354,296.03 KC Tomlinson kc Tomlinson for State Representative
$353,831.82 Stacy Wallace Friends of Stacy Wallace
$349,135.13 Sallie Mundy Friends for Sallie Mundy
$330,000.00 House Republican Campaign Committee
$300,000.00 Anthony Sposate Friends of Tony Sposato
$294,174.71 Craig Williams Friends of Craig Williams
$268,819.33 Timothy DeFoor Tim Deforr for Auditor General
$264,190.07 Christylee Peck Peck, Christylee for Superior Court
$255,312.33 Megan Mccarthy King Friends of Megan King
$228,867.28 Thomas Mehaffie III Friends of Tom Mehaffie
$221,391.42 Thomas Killion Killion Victory Committee
$218,243.99 Daniel Laughlin Committee to Elect Dan Laughlin
$214,954.78 Joe Emrick Emrick Joe Committee to Elect C/o Tres Joann Cardello
$214,018.71 Stacey L Garrity Garrity for PA