Political Action Committees
$45,072,793Total Contributions
$50,991,639Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Republican Senate Campaign Committee (Rscc) $3,968,234.24$2,421,882.88
Ohio Democratic Party $3,781,000.29$3,917,091.33
Ohio Republican State Central & Executive Committee State Candidate Fund $3,760,588.43$6,442,127.75
Ohio Republican State Central and Executive Committee State Account $2,835,760.11$2,782,404.67
House Republican Campaign Committee (Hrcc) $2,309,620.51$2,965,506.77
Ohioans for Raising the Wage $2,149,000.15$2,114,779.50
Ohio Democratic Party State Candidate Fund $1,847,174.73$1,200,340.04
Realtors PAC $1,186,453.39$956,681.71
Ohio House Democratic Caucus (Ohdc) $1,065,779.43$579,871.37
The Matriots $1,064,170.62$812,951.52
Ohioans for Secure and Fair Elections $1,000,075.50$1,000,075.50
Ohio Education Assoc Fund for Children and Public Education $756,306.33$490,933.04
Republican Party of Cuyahoga County - Restricted Account $750,968.23$737,666.39
Affiliated Construction Trades Ohio Foundation PCE $658,500.00$658,959.12
Ohio Senate Democrats (Osd) $552,117.43$358,523.27
Ohio State Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters PCE $514,800.00$510,300.00
Oapse Afscme Turnaround Ohio PAC $469,718.17$454,556.53
Oapse Afscme Turnaround Ohio PCE $469,700.00$469,700.00
Beer & Wine PAC $405,725.51$375,884.80
Ohio Laborers District Council PAC $336,847.77$396,230.00
Hamilton County Republican Party Restricted Funds $329,965.17$318,887.57
Ohio Afl-CIO Voter Education Fund $326,000.00$327,842.00
Ohio Association for Justice PAC (Oaj PAC) $302,772.56$257,043.47
Ohio Automobile Dealers Assoc Dealer Investment Group $295,725.00$220,806.75
Ohio Credit Union Legislative Action Committee $293,533.75$211,306.96