Political Action Committees

$50,991,836Total Contributions
$49,688,161Total Expenditures
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Total Expenditures
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Ohio Democratic Party $5,607,025.97$4,848,752.59
Republican Senate Campaign Committee (Rscc) $5,514,096.71$1,194,081.34
Ohio Republican State Central & Executive Committee State Candidate Fund $4,249,514.04$7,360,849.79
Ohio House Republican Alliance (Ohra) $2,565,087.61$1,116,348.02
Ohio Democratic Party State Candidate Fund $1,828,216.43$1,833,505.61
Realtors PAC $1,759,343.17$1,222,971.45
Ohio Education Association Educators PCE $1,604,464.27$751,724.93
Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol $1,507,500.00$1,328,325.00
Ohio Republican State Central & Executive Committee State Account $1,499,844.90$1,416,942.90
Ohio Democratic Party Building Fund $1,104,393.79$1,042,936.11
The Matriots $1,027,744.37$966,254.99
Ohio House Democratic Campaign Committee $859,296.90$479,099.23
Affiliated Construction Trades Ohio Foundation PCE $831,500.00$835,055.84
Ohio Education Assoc Fund for Children and Public Education $720,914.75$325,590.63
Oapse Afscme Turnaround Ohio PAC $651,468.17$689,441.15
Oapse Afscme Turnaround Ohio PCE $630,376.58$630,376.58
Ohio Automobile Dealers Assoc Dealer Investment Group $543,811.50$358,261.83
Ohio Association for Justice PAC (Oaj PAC) $510,771.74$408,455.32
Ohio State Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters PCE $495,350.00$496,775.00
Beer & Wine PAC $428,913.56$411,063.35
Ohio Senate Democrats (Osd) $402,486.25$328,989.72
Uaw Ohio State PAC $400,000.00$85,800.00
Ohio AFL-CIO Voter Education Fund $379,062.00$409,992.00
Seiu District 1199 PCE $345,081.97$345,564.32
Protect Our Police PAC $333,012.85$481,577.63