North Carolina Finance Summary
The 2020 General Election is on November 3rd
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Political Profile

North Carolina Government:

Governor: Roy Cooper (D)

Lieutenant Governor: Dan Forest (R)

Attorney General: Josh Stein (D)

Secretary of State: Elaine F. Marshall (D)

Commissioner of Agriculture: Steve Troxler (R)

Commissioner of Insurance: Mike Causey (R)

Commissioner of Labor: Cherie K. Berry (R)

Commissioner of Public Instruction: Mark Johnson (R)

State Treasurer: Dale R. Folwell (R)

State Auditor: Beth A. Wood (D)

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Campaign Finance Snapshot
Total Contributions
Candidate Contributions
PAC Contributions
Total Expenditures
Candidate Expenditures
PAC Expenditures
Top Candidates
CandidateTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
Roy Cooper $16,470,821.16$3,007,105.51
Dan Forest $5,575,989.02$3,824,535.28
Josh Stein $5,421,835.35$872,145.84
Jim Perry $2,026,744.15$262,996.63
Andy Wells $1,648,140.00$741,230.19
Bill Toole $1,470,047.86$696,136.99
Christine Mumma $1,120,392.26$613,906.26
Cheri Beasley $1,093,940.42$252,880.83
Phil E Berger $1,006,784.67$178,994.35
Mark A. Davis $987,980.14$189,416.27
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Top PACs
PACTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
NC Democratic Leadership Committee "Ncdlc" $10,500,037.00$1,587,992.55
NC Democratic Party - State $2,809,182.06$1,258,672.69
North Carolina Republican Party $1,846,876.48$1,535,586.00
Partnership for a Better Mecklenburg $1,130,662.00$1,091,899.25
Truth and Prosperity Inc $860,279.85$263,626.94
NC Realtors PAC $797,282.60$750,027.50
North Carolina Senate Majority Fund $702,894.72$187,177.38
NC Dental Society PAC $307,618.92$68,112.80
Wake Democratic Party $297,752.29$197,991.10
Nancy Mcfarlane Committee $272,897.81$32,038.48
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