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This organization has been paid by the candidates and committees listed below.

Total Payments
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$118,356.13 Annette Glenn Annette Glenn for State Senate
$114,838.41 Mark Huizenga Friends of Mark Huizenga
$79,629.44 Right to Life of Michigan Victory Fund (Superpac)
$45,924.41 John Cherry Supporters of John Cherry
$29,290.74 Joshua Hilgart Josh Hilgart for Judge
$23,533.69 Madhu Anderson Committee to Elect Madhu Anderson
$21,294.76 Norm Shinkle Norm Shinkle for State Representative
$18,646.64 Becket Jones Committee to Elect Becket J Jones 8th District Court Judge
$15,519.65 Emily Bauman Emily Bauman for Michigan
$13,885.07 Kim Coonan Friends to Elect Kim Coonan State Representative
$12,885.14 William Thompson Cte William Thompson
$12,004.00 Barbara Conley Committee to Elect Barbara Conley
$11,589.52 Bay County Democratic Party
$10,345.00 Aric Nesbitt Aric Nesbitt for State Senate
$10,297.43 Gretchen Whitmer Gretchen Whitmer for Governor
$9,382.85 Reproductive Freedom for All
$9,246.36 Angela Witwer Witwer for Michigan
$8,955.00 Pauline Wendzel Committee to Elect Pauline Wendzel
$8,335.48 Gabriel B Lossing Friends of Gabriel Lossing
$8,190.00 Justin Noordhoek Citizens to Elect Justin Noordhoek
$7,777.18 Cathryn Neracher Friends for Cathryn Neracher
$7,527.60 Christine Morse Committee to Elect Christine Morse for State House
$7,389.20 Tonya Goetz Elect Tonya Goetz for Judge
$7,338.78 Raymond Freiberger Committee to Elect Raymond Freiberger
$7,252.81 Lynne Freiberger Committee to Elect Lynne Freiberger