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$1,218,503Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments (Click to sort Ascending)Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)PAC (Click to sort Ascending)
$262,403.58 Clarence Dass The Friends of Clarence Dass
$45,780.34 Annette Glenn Annette Glenn for Michigan
$38,052.41 Thomas TC Clements Committee to Elect Tc Clements
$29,394.13 Chokwe Pitchford Chokwe Pitchford for 79th District House of Representatives
$27,689.49 William Sowerby Bill Sowerby for State Representative
$24,334.00 John Roth John Roth for State Rep Committee
$23,979.97 Julie Rogers Julie Rogers for State Rep
$23,860.00 Gina Johnsen Committee to Elect Gina Johnsen
$21,598.66 Right to Life of Michigan Victory Fund (Superpac)
$21,272.15 Jack Coleman Jack Coleman for State Representative
$20,273.30 Brian Hartwell Friends of Brian Hartwell
$18,943.23 Abraham Aiyash Abraham Aiyash for Michigan
$17,117.52 Democratic State Central Committee
$17,066.84 Tabitha Marsh Cte Tabitha Marsh Flint District Judge
$16,138.17 Abigail Wheeler Abigail Wheeler for the 66th
$16,012.82 Roger Hauck Committee to Elect Roger Hauck
$13,563.25 Daire Rendon Committee to Elect Daire Rendon
$13,179.39 Michele Oberholtzer Michele Oberholtzer for Michigan
$13,095.56 Fannie Lou Hamer PAC
$12,701.53 Saginaw County Democratic Executive Committee
$11,854.42 Jaimie Horowitz Friends of Jaimie Powell Horowitz
$10,495.49 Brian Elder Friends of Brian Elder
$10,460.49 Martin Blank Martin Blank for State Representative
$10,365.48 Kalamazoo County Democratic Party
$9,789.00 Elizabeth Griffin Beth Griffin for State Rep