Political Action Committees

$104,598,637Total Contributions
$105,805,523Total Expenditures
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Total Donations
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Total Expenditures
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House Republican Campaign Committee $7,680,724.93$14,145,325.97
Michigan House Democratic Fund $5,233,966.23$7,461,957.14
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $3,976,898.59$1,301,176.10
Democratic State Central Committee $3,972,821.66$1,598,442.27
Uaw Michigan Voluntary PAC $3,310,607.00$1,042,695.00
Fair and Equal Michigan $2,954,160.54$2,988,218.43
Unlock Michigan $2,768,948.97$3,047,316.03
Justice for All (Superpac) $2,741,885.00$2,741,582.82
Michigan Republican Party $2,319,106.79$3,736,228.28
Progress Michigan Political Action Fund (Superpac) $2,139,792.50$2,148,535.42
Realtors PAC of Michigan $1,700,111.26$1,059,334.99
Working Together for a Better Michigan $1,516,185.00$1,445,261.66
Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes Superpac $1,493,975.00$1,389,984.23
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters PAC $1,451,507.07$1,437,230.72
Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC- (Superpac) $1,442,500.00$2,049,904.78
Michigan Laborers Political League $1,404,693.02$947,372.61
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC $1,322,934.32$1,082,485.59
Michigan Senate Democratic Fund $1,287,098.20$728,633.04
Republican State Leadership Committee - Michigan PAC $1,058,950.00$1,058,950.00
Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers State PAC $1,057,668.62$834,815.00
Michigan Liberation Action Fund (Superpac) $1,028,200.00$801,620.49
Chatfield Majority Fund $1,010,265.00$1,025,491.12
For Our Future Michigan (Superpac) $989,000.00$977,541.78
Michigan Chamber PAC III (Superpac) $981,700.00$1,636,064.63
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee $976,377.11$982,071.47