Marica and Jerry Tubergen
$70,750Total Donations

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$6,800.00 Bill Schuette 12/29/2017PresidentRdv Sports Inc
$6,800.00 Bill Schuette 12/29/2017HomemakerNone
$6,800.00 Bill Schuette 09/29/2017PresidentRdv Corporation
$6,800.00 Bill Schuette 09/29/2017HomemakerNone
$5,700.00 Better Jobs Stronger Families PAC (Superpac) 10/23/2017President & CEORvd Corporation
$5,700.00 Better Jobs Stronger Families PAC (Superpac) 10/23/2017HomemakerN/a
$5,000.00 Chatfield Majority Fund 2 09/01/2019CEOOttawa Avenue Private Capital
$5,000.00 Kent County Republican Committee 10/23/2019VP COORdv Corp
$5,000.00 Kent County Republican Committee 06/12/2020VP COORdv Corp
$2,500.00 Moving Michigan Forward Fund I 08/07/2018CEORdv Corp
$2,100.00 Mark Huizenga 07/01/2021PresidentRdv Corporation
$2,000.00 Kent County Republican Committee 07/10/2018VP COORdv Corp
$1,500.00 Chris Afendoulis 09/03/2018CEORdv Corporation
$1,050.00 John Inhulsen 04/29/2020CEORdv Corporation
$1,000.00 Amanda Brand 07/03/2018ExecutiveRdv Corporation
$1,000.00 Amanda Brand 07/03/2018HomemakerHomemaker
$1,000.00 Greg VanWoerkom 06/26/2018ExecuitveRdv Properites Inc
$1,000.00 Moving Michigan Forward Fund I 07/13/2017CEORdv Corp
$1,000.00 Moving Michigan Forward Fund I 11/30/2017CEORdv Corp
$1,000.00 Tom Leonard 07/24/2018PresidentRdv Corporation
$1,000.00 Victory Values Fund 04/12/2019PresidentRvd Corporation
$500.00 Chris Afendoulis 06/28/2018CEORdv Corporation
$500.00 Greg VanWoerkom 10/08/2019ExecuitveRdv Properites Inc