Launch Progress PAC
Michigan Committee
$132,027Total Contributions
$139,922Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$70.00 Mohamed Al-Hamadi INDIVIDUAL
$60.00 Mark Smith INDIVIDUAL
$55.00 Athan Makansi INDIVIDUAL
$55.00 Branden Snyder INDIVIDUAL
$55.00 Jen House INDIVIDUAL
$55.00 Paul Curtis INDIVIDUAL
$53.00 Sara Raftery INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Alex Fox INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Amer Zahr INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Amity Femia INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Angela Goodiel INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Aries Indenbaum INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Avinash Salgam INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Brette Mcsweeney INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Brian Holbrook INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Bruce Conrad INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Catherine Fox INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Charlie Cavell INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Christopher Haines INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Christopher Hui INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Daniel Spencer INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Debbie Schantz INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Ellie Schwartzman INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Eric Conrad INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Erik Opsal INDIVIDUAL