Launch Progress PAC
Michigan Committee
$132,027Total Contributions
$139,922Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$100.00 Theodore Waddelow INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Thomas Bonier INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Tracy Sabetta INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Winifred Freund INDIVIDUAL
$85.00 Aryeh Alex INDIVIDUAL
$80.00 Robin Wasserman INDIVIDUAL
$80.00 Ryan Head INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Aaron Keeney INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Ava Feldman INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Beverly Darwin INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Brendan Brown INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Claire Mcginley INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Courtney Hight INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Hazel Weiser INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Josh Spiro INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Kelsey Deforest INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Sally Wallace INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Sarah Cayer INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Susie Cooley INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Willa Rubin INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Zach Denkensohn INDIVIDUAL
$70.00 Alex Karjeker INDIVIDUAL
$70.00 Dan Ramos INDIVIDUAL
$70.00 Elaine Pelz INDIVIDUAL
$70.00 Julia Mcintyre INDIVIDUAL