Launch Progress PAC
Michigan Committee
$132,027Total Contributions
$139,922Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$250.00 Jane Henderson INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Kiran Bhatraju INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Louis Grube INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Mary Canavan INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Patricia Hanavan INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Sian Edwards-Beal INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Steven Vogel INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Thomas Frieder INDIVIDUAL
$245.00 Ava Feldman INDIVIDUAL
$245.00 Robin Wasserman INDIVIDUAL
$225.00 Anne Bickerton INDIVIDUAL
$216.00 Lynn Cartwright-Punnett INDIVIDUAL
$215.00 Jesse Vogel INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Alison Grigonis INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Carl Mcdaniel INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Kathleen Gallogly INDIVIDUAL
$195.00 Caroline Hui INDIVIDUAL
$180.00 Matthew Gravatt INDIVIDUAL
$175.00 Caroline Hui INDIVIDUAL
$175.00 Kristina Jeffers INDIVIDUAL
$175.00 Luke Squire INDIVIDUAL
$175.00 Pichaya Winichakul INDIVIDUAL
$165.00 Rachel Lynn Golden INDIVIDUAL
$155.00 Matthew Gravatt INDIVIDUAL
$150.00 Barbara Fultner INDIVIDUAL