Launch Progress PAC
Michigan Committee
$132,027Total Contributions
$139,922Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$40.00 Rachel Lynn Golden INDIVIDUAL
$35.00 Betty Rosen INDIVIDUAL
$35.00 Catherine Dupuy INDIVIDUAL
$35.00 Jeremy Blake INDIVIDUAL
$35.00 Julia Herbst INDIVIDUAL
$35.00 Mikey P INDIVIDUAL
$35.00 Rosiland Black INDIVIDUAL
$35.00 Taylor Steele INDIVIDUAL
$35.00 Theresa Kaplan INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Amy Immel INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Cliff Bernstein INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Colin Koffel INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Joseph Mulkerin INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Mara Jones INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Mark Orcutt INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Mary Squire INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Molly Brand INDIVIDUAL
$26.12 Elliot Sakach INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Aghogho Edevbie INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Alex Kilbo INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Amelia Berg INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Andrew Fox INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Andrew Morrell INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Arletta Bussiere INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Ben Verschoor INDIVIDUAL