$934,541,362Total Received
Payee (Click to sort Ascending)Category (Click to sort Ascending)Received (Click to sort Ascending)
Ventura Media Partners Inc Non-Lobbyist$47,814,543.85
National Media Research Planning & Placement LLC Non-Lobbyist$36,150,000.00
Buying Time Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$35,717,499.25
Edge Communications LLC Non-Lobbyist$30,861,470.90
Strategic Media Placement Inc Non-Lobbyist$26,516,212.45
Screen Strategies Media Non-Lobbyist$24,557,606.00
Smart Media Group LLC Non-Lobbyist$23,781,429.93
Fortune Media Inc Non-Lobbyist$20,866,349.05
Multi Media Services Inc Non-Lobbyist$18,151,280.00
McLaughlin & Associates Inc Non-Lobbyist$17,610,829.35
Mentzer Media Services Inc Non-Lobbyist$10,707,335.54
Onmessage Inc Non-Lobbyist$10,358,574.96
Strategic Image Management LLC Non-Lobbyist$9,126,367.36
Public Concepts LLC Non-Lobbyist$8,112,505.96
Target Enterprises LLC Non-Lobbyist$8,054,788.12
Data Targeting Inc Non-Lobbyist$7,865,453.20
Stoneridge Group LLC Non-Lobbyist$7,011,295.01
Sgs Incorporated Non-Lobbyist$6,081,463.50
Mission Control Inc Non-Lobbyist$5,764,893.14
National Voter Outreach Inc Non-Lobbyist$5,160,529.95
Bully Pulpit Interactive LLC Non-Lobbyist$4,904,492.75
Drc Consulting Inc Non-Lobbyist$4,854,560.30
Media Placement Services Non-Lobbyist$4,570,921.38
Akpd Message and Media Non-Lobbyist$4,245,708.53
Strategic Marketing & Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$4,225,110.98