$303,650,401Total Contributions
$273,442,420Total Expenditures
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Ron DeSantis Governor of Florida$60,205,947.68$54,826,574.07
Jeff Greene $37,828,278.18$37,813,673.83
Philip Levine $31,735,127.51$28,928,385.56
Andrew Gillum $19,488,774.41$16,601,950.76
Gwen Graham $18,661,089.82$16,710,198.51
Ashley Moody Attorney General of Florida$10,484,747.19$9,086,005.56
Adam H. Putnam $9,535,441.86$8,001,905.82
Chris King $7,380,156.78$6,358,661.16
Matt Caldwell $6,023,085.36$5,816,431.06
Sean Shaw $5,440,040.63$4,757,344.58
Frank White $4,531,551.04$4,548,379.70
Dana Young $3,947,965.06$3,082,782.23
Baxter Troutman $3,566,470.90$3,541,449.05
Jimmy Patronis Florida Chief Financial Officer$2,425,828.50$2,401,569.07
Denise Grimsley $1,877,299.95$1,684,673.19
Keith Perry Florida State Senate District 8$1,518,401.94$705,443.23
Ed Hooper Florida State Senate District 16$1,416,433.12$1,082,418.28
Nicole Nikki Fried Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services$1,300,142.27$1,146,591.76
Jeff Brandes Florida State Senate District 24$1,221,590.51$717,536.52
Manny Diaz Jr Florida State Senate District 36$1,152,070.40$686,723.92
Jason Brodeur Florida State Senate District 9$1,105,469.74$971,665.77
Jay Fant $1,029,119.00$1,027,613.00
Kelli Stargel Florida State Senate District 22$998,460.66$472,124.08
Jeremy Ring $944,239.44$937,496.48
Kayser Enneking $891,277.65$662,681.62