Ron DeSantis
Governor of Florida
$60,205,948Total Donations
$54,826,574Total Expenditures

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$55,000.00 Next Generation Properties LLC ENTITY
$54,000.00 Peter C Morse INDIVIDUAL
$53,000.00 Broad and Cassel Firm Central ENTITY
$53,000.00 Daniel Devos INDIVIDUAL
$53,000.00 Delavaco Holdings Inc ENTITY
$53,000.00 Diana S Wister INDIVIDUAL
$53,000.00 Doug Devos INDIVIDUAL
$53,000.00 George G Daniels INDIVIDUAL
$53,000.00 Grace B Evenstad INDIVIDUAL
$53,000.00 Michael E Durden INDIVIDUAL
$53,000.00 Richard M Devos Jr INDIVIDUAL
$53,000.00 Suzanne Cheryl Devos INDIVIDUAL
$52,500.00 First Principles ENTITY
$51,000.00 Connex12 ENTITY
$51,000.00 Diane Holm INDIVIDUAL
$51,000.00 John D Baker II INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Austin Khan INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Braman Motors Inc ENTITY
$50,000.00 Chm LLC ENTITY
$50,000.00 Collier Enterprises Management Inc ENTITY
$50,000.00 Corridor Mining LLC ENTITY
$50,000.00 Craig Estey INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Dosal Tobacco Corporation ENTITY
$50,000.00 Duty Free Air and Ship Supply LLC ENTITY
$50,000.00 Duty Free Group Shared Expenses ENTITY