$157,658,991Total Contributions
$154,804,990Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Wine in Grocery Stores $14,589,407.89$14,111,323.75
Coloradans for Consumer Choice and Retail Fairness $13,786,632.73$13,786,632.73
All Together Colorado $10,914,769.21$11,003,793.40
Senate Majority Fund $8,831,087.74$8,520,227.49
Senate Majority Fund $7,957,231.41$7,959,946.56
Strong Colorado for All $7,090,000.00$7,262,027.06
Coloradans for Affordable Housing Now $6,627,247.00$6,627,247.00
Natural Medicine Colorado $5,789,417.15$5,770,033.33
Better Colorado Alliance $4,561,445.91$4,603,252.79
Deep Colorado Wells $4,256,722.50$3,317,748.44
Unite for Colorado Action Iec $4,157,000.00$4,155,977.32
Yes on Prop 119 $2,927,235.00$2,922,235.00
Daga Colorado People's Lawyer Project $2,924,340.00$2,924,173.79
Coloradans Creating Opportunities $1,964,000.00$2,101,135.71
Conservation Colorado Victory Fund $1,963,000.00$2,027,942.63
Ready Colorado Action Fund $1,876,725.00$1,899,925.42
Colorado Democratic Party $1,846,400.91$1,986,629.57
Healthy School Meals for All Colorado Students $1,823,473.99$1,823,473.99
Defend Colorado Iec $1,800,750.00$1,799,756.32
Everytown for Gun Safety Colorado Iec $1,611,074.72$1,611,074.72
Defend Democracy Fund $1,586,539.87$1,538,691.87
Cut Property Taxes $1,553,850.00$1,553,850.00
Colorado Information Network Ie Committee $1,531,800.00$1,533,064.47
American Leadership Committee- Colorado $1,480,800.00$1,480,221.62
Restore Colorado Leadership Fund $1,382,465.90$1,393,605.52