$3,324,470Total Contributions
$2,395,978Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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All Together Colorado $288,923.45$156,314.79
Public Education Committee $204,414.57$3,000.00
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Colorado Action Fund (Phrma Colorado Action Fun $195,000.00$75,000.00
Better Colorado Alliance $193,759.04$108,572.62
Senate Majority Fund $186,940.41$85,634.71
Colorado Professional Fire Fighters Small Donor Fund $161,809.44$11,000.00
Restore Colorado Leadership Fund $130,850.00$132,236.87
Colorado Apartment Association Small Donor Committee $122,900.00$5,350.00
Colorado Democratic Party $120,618.82$125,747.21
American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees $100,000.00$100,000.00
Apartment Association of Metro Denver Small Donor Committee $91,550.00$0.00
Housing for Colorado $80,336.60$80,336.60
Coloradans Creating Opportunities $75,000.00$8,421.74
Colorado Construction Industry Coalition - 527 $71,000.00$65,000.00
Citizens for Arts to Zoo $55,587.00$25,432.50
United Mine Workers of America $47,870.00$5,400.00
Safe and Healthy Colorado $43,641.83$18,009.67
Colorado Dairy Farmers Political Committee $39,301.61$0.00
Apartment Association of Metro Denver Political Committee $36,601.69$0.00
Building a Stronger Colorado $36,233.00$0.00
Colorado over Party $33,398.96$49,571.82
Colorado Working Families Party Independent Expenditure Committee $32,795.77$80,670.96
Colorado Independent Auto Dealers Political Committee $30,770.00$8,325.00
El Paso County Democratic Party $30,617.76$35,937.30
Voces Unidas Victory Fund $30,145.00$0.00