Karrin Taylor Robson

$18,742,039Total Donations
$18,463,669Total Expenditures

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$15,200,000.00 Karrin Taylor Robson INDIVIDUAL
$10,602.50 Dana Garmany INDIVIDUAL
$10,600.00 Brian Hall INDIVIDUAL
$10,600.00 Jeff Whiteman INDIVIDUAL
$10,600.00 Keith Michael Ingram INDIVIDUAL
$10,600.00 Peter Paulsen INDIVIDUAL
$10,600.00 Sharon and Lawrence Heitz INDIVIDUAL
$10,600.00 Sheila Ingram INDIVIDUAL
$10,600.00 Vicki and Jim Click Jr INDIVIDUAL
$10,600.00 Warren Florkiewicz INDIVIDUAL
$8,600.00 Darrel Wood INDIVIDUAL
$7,500.00 William Pope INDIVIDUAL
$6,650.00 Ira J Gaines INDIVIDUAL
$6,338.78 Scott Harkey INDIVIDUAL
$6,000.00 Edward Gaylord INDIVIDUAL
$5,800.00 Donald Roberts INDIVIDUAL
$5,800.00 Stewart Horejsi INDIVIDUAL
$5,302.50 Carmen Nauseef INDIVIDUAL
$5,302.50 Christine Toretti INDIVIDUAL
$5,302.50 Mark Love INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Aaron Hale INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Adam Goodman INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Alison Lewis INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Allan Kaplan INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Amanda Garmany INDIVIDUAL