Why It Matters

There are two glaring, related problems in Texas politics: (1) Candidates aren’t always who they say they are, and (2) voters and donors are inconsistent and sometimes confused regarding the candidates they support. As a result, many good Texas citizens – including some of the top political donors in the state – have given their votes and hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates who weren’t even on their side!

How can you know which Texas political candidates are really on your side? Someone wise once said, “where a man’s treasure is, there is his heart.” If you can clearly see where Texas political candidates get their money, and if you can clearly see what they do with it, then you can also clearly see where their hearts are—and whether or not they’re really on your side. Through Transparency Texas, you can actually do this. It’s easy—the information is here and readily accessible.

Please enjoy getting a clear picture of where Texas political candidates get their financial support and how they spend it. You’ll get true insight into who they really are and finally discern which of them you can wholeheartedly support.