Murphy Nasica & Associates
$74,723,470Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and committees listed below.

Total Payments
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$7,805,757.40 Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund
$4,082,495.54 Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC
$3,931,438.10 Dade Phelan Phelan, Matthew M. (The Honorable)
$2,879,635.91 Gary Gates Jr Gates Jr., Gary W. (Mr.)
$2,851,215.90 Charles Geren Geren, Charles L. (The Honorable)
$2,302,241.92 Angie Chen Button Button, Angie C. (The Honorable)
$2,277,119.53 Protect and Serve Texas PAC
$1,779,749.50 Kel Seliger Seliger, Kelton G. (The Honorable)
$1,709,601.65 Republican State Leadership Committee Grassroots Account
$1,602,275.21 Steve Allison Allison, Stephen P. (The Honorable)
$1,551,057.39 Republican State Leadership Committee PAC and Individual Account
$1,231,540.62 Elisa Chan Chan, Wan-Yu Elisa (Ms.)
$1,227,215.81 Cindy Burkett Burkett, Cindy G. (The Honorable)
$1,216,659.58 Ken King King, Kenneth P. (The Honorable)
$1,204,460.41 Doug Miller Miller, Douglas R. (The Honorable)
$1,183,319.60 Linda Koop Koop, Linda L. (The Honorable)
$1,040,069.21 Justin Holland Holland, Justin A. (The Honorable)
$917,099.01 John Kuempel Kuempel, John L. (The Honorable)
$916,090.11 Jill S Dutton Dutton, Jill S. (Mrs.)
$832,444.20 Ryan Guillen Guillen, Ryan A. (The Honorable)
$821,529.25 Keith Bell Bell, Gregory (Mr.)
$813,680.44 Steve Allison Allison, Stephen P. (Mr.)
$781,848.69 Justin L Berry Berry, Justin L. (Mr.)
$768,019.70 Frederick Frazier Frazier, Frederick E. (Mr.)
$756,710.58 Chris Paddie Texans for Chris Paddie