$404,837,658Private Total
$75,456,028Taxpayer-Funded Total
Lobbyist (Click to sort Ascending)Firm (Click to sort Ascending)Min Amount (Click to sort Ascending)Max Amount (Click to sort Ascending)
Andrea McWilliams McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants$2,440,480.00$4,870,669.48
Daniel Hodge Strategic & Public Affairs Consulting$2,561,630.00$4,862,159.74
Dean R McWilliams McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants$1,983,210.00$4,097,269.51
Neal T Jones Jr consultant$1,206,920.00$3,920,338.99
Frank R Santos $2,021,100.00$3,679,429.80
Jeffrey E Heckler Governmental Affairs$1,841,960.00$3,455,099.72
John R Clay Jr Crestline Solutions, LLC$1,647,220.00$3,353,429.69
Logan T Spence $1,506,100.00$3,340,899.59
Carol McGarah Consultant$1,448,330.00$3,331,079.51
Raymond C Sullivan Government and public relations consultant$1,545,550.00$3,120,539.74
Craig Preston Chick Foley & Lardner LLP$1,405,780.00$3,079,769.67
Russell T Kelley Consultant$1,281,740.00$3,050,259.51
Daniel Brookhart Mays McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants$1,462,310.00$2,932,879.67
Todd M Smith Impact Texas Communicaions, LLP$1,768,540.00$2,691,519.81
Robert D Miller Attorney$1,266,090.00$2,690,159.71
Jerry Strickland $1,545,500.00$2,579,999.84
John R Pitts Jr $1,377,560.00$2,515,069.83
Brian G Yarbrough Attorney$1,229,400.00$2,486,839.76
Charles Eric Wright Eric Wright & Associates$1,171,590.00$2,457,309.69
Marc A Rodriguez Legislative Consultant$1,161,770.00$2,421,949.70
Ron E Lewis Ron Lewis & Associates$1,171,580.00$2,421,939.76
C Jake Posey Attorney/Senior Vice President of Government Affairs$1,023,390.00$2,352,939.62
Michael Toomey $1,144,720.00$2,347,129.78
William Robert Peeler Jr $1,115,140.00$2,344,459.67
Tristan Castaneda Jr Longbow Partners, LLP$1,040,340.00$2,278,179.64