Dale E Laine Jr
$3,585,024Minimum Amount
$7,229,869Maximum Amount
Lobbying Clients

This page displays the cumulative amounts these organizations have contracted to pay this lobbyist. Because lobbyists are allowed to report their income in ranges, minimum and maximum amounts are shown.

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Max Amount
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Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions Private$333,150.00$671,289.90
MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc Private$323,150.00$646,289.91
VIA Metropolitan Transit Taxpayer-Funded$298,150.00$596,289.93
Cruise Lines International Association Private$266,600.00$552,499.92
Texas Consumer Lenders LLC Private$225,000.00$449,999.95
Las Vegas Sands Corporation Private$198,150.00$396,289.96
LivaNova USA Inc Private$198,150.00$396,289.96
Aon Risk Services Company Inc Private$194,340.00$388,679.96
Mutualink Inc Private$150,000.00$337,249.95
LDG Development LLC Private$151,570.00$303,139.97
Retired Senior and Visiting Judges Private$151,570.00$303,139.97
Texas Cable Association Private$200,000.00$299,999.97
Coalition for Investor Choice Inc Private$150,000.00$299,999.97
Federated Investors Inc Private$150,000.00$299,999.97
Caldwell Automotive Partners LLC Private$112,040.00$233,519.98
CrowdStrike Inc Private$93,150.00$205,189.98
Allied Group Private$100,000.00$199,999.98
Magellan Health Inc Private$100,000.00$199,999.96
Ciber Inc Private$60,001.00$134,999.96
City of Austin Taxpayer-Funded$50,000.00$99,999.99
Texas Association of Retired and Senior Judges Private$25,000.00$59,999.98
Greater Irving Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Private$25,000.00$49,999.99
Navient Solutions LLC Taxpayer-Funded$10,000.00$24,999.99
SJG Corporation Private$10,000.00$24,999.99
SWWC Utilities Inc Private$10,000.00$24,999.99