Russell T Kelley
$1,681,499Total Contributions

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Total Contributions
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$250,000.00 Greg Abbott Texans for Greg Abbott
$180,539.50 Dan Patrick Texans for Dan Patrick
$100,079.80 Trey Martinez Fischer Martinez Fischer, Trey (The Honorable)
$71,210.00 Dade Phelan Phelan, Matthew M. (The Honorable)
$57,000.00 Trey Martinez Fischer Martinez Fischer, Trey (Mr.)
$45,000.00 Dennis Bonnen Bonnen, Dennis H. (The Honorable)
$42,825.00 Roland Gutierrez Gutierrez, Rolando (The Honorable)
$31,500.00 Jeff Leach Leach, Jeff C. (The Honorable)
$30,000.00 Christi Craddick Craddick, Christi L. (The Honorable)
$30,000.00 Jose Menendez Menendez, Jose (The Honorable)
$30,000.00 Kel Seliger Seliger, Kelton G. (The Honorable)
$29,008.88 Abel Herrero Herrero, Abel (The Honorable)
$28,000.00 Pat Fallon Fallon, Patrick E. (The Honorable)
$25,275.00 Charles Geren Geren, Charles L. (The Honorable)
$25,250.00 Texas House Republican Caucus PAC
$25,000.00 Chris Turner Turner, Christopher G. (The Honorable)
$25,000.00 Kirk Watson Watson, Kirk P. (The Honorable)
$21,000.00 Drew Alan Springer Jr Springer Jr., Drew Alan (The Honorable)
$20,000.00 Cesar Blanco Blanco, Cesar J. (The Honorable)
$20,000.00 Craig Goldman Goldman, Craig (The Honorable)
$20,000.00 Ken Paxton Paxton Jr., W. Kenneth (The Honorable)
$19,500.00 Chris Paddie Texans for Chris Paddie
$19,500.00 Eddie Rodriguez Rodriguez, Eduardo R. (The Honorable)
$17,500.00 Philip Cortez Cortez, Philip (The Honorable)
$16,096.63 Glenn Hegar Hegar Jr., Glenn A. (The Honorable)