Friends of The University of Texas at Austin
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$329,351Cash on Hand
$2,571,872Total Contributions
$2,576,214Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
$94,500.00 Charles W Matthews Jr INDIVIDUAL
$85,000.00 Carlos M Zaffirini Jr INDIVIDUAL
$75,000.00 William H Cunningham INDIVIDUAL
$60,000.00 Dee S Osborne INDIVIDUAL
$58,500.00 James I Perkins INDIVIDUAL
$51,000.00 Catherine and Sam L Susser INDIVIDUAL
$46,000.00 Gary & Sylvie Crum INDIVIDUAL
$42,500.00 John L Adams INDIVIDUAL
$42,000.00 Carol Franklin Heller INDIVIDUAL
$40,000.00 Charles W Tate INDIVIDUAL
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$963,529.88 John Doner & Associates Inc ENTITY
$250,000.00 Greg Abbott ENTITY
$124,606.08 Atchley & Associates LLP ENTITY
$100,000.00 Dan Patrick ENTITY
$56,000.00 Judith Zaffirini ENTITY
$52,500.00 Joan Huffman ENTITY
$41,000.00 Dennis Bonnen ENTITY
$39,500.00 Dade Phelan ENTITY
$30,000.00 Joe Straus III ENTITY
$30,000.00 John Whitmire ENTITY
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Transparency USA | 12/02/2020
To find some of the most influential people in Austin, look no further than the lobbyists employed by hundreds of entities across the state of Texas. The highest paid lobbyists in Texas politics are hired by organizations willing to spend significant resources persuading lawmakers to support legislation that is favorable to their interests. 
Tracy Marshall | 03/26/2019
There’s a lot of talk about Texas’ Big Three — Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and new Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen. Considered the three most powerful politicians in Austin, and all conservative Republicans, they made headlines when they declared in January that they would be working as a team to reform property taxes and the school finance system.
Transparency USA | 02/27/2017
Interestingly, in Texas, HEB stores receive an estimated $2.89 billion of federal monies through food stamp reimbursements. Mr. Butt gives to both Republicans and Democrats, but notably, does not donate to those Republican legislators who have been the most vocal calling for food stamp reform.