Political Profile for Ohio

Campaign Finance

All candidates are limited to accepting up to $13,704.41 per individual donor, per election.

Candidates are limited to accepting up to $13,704.41 per political action committee (PAC) per election.

Statewide candidates may accept contributions up to $772,928.93 from state political parties per election. Senate candidates may accept up to $154,174.65 from a state political party per election, and candidates for the Ohio House of Representatives may accept up to $76,744.72 per election.

Candidates may spend personal funds on their campaign but are capped at $500 in un-reimbursed personal funds that may accumulate.

Candidates may not accept contributions from a super PAC, corporation, or union.

2022 Filing Deadlines

Candidates are required to file detailed reports on their campaign donations and expenditures.  Transparency USA provides accurate, searchable data within days of its release by the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.

Here are the reports TUSA plans to use in 2022:

StateReport NameDue Date
OH2021 Annual1/31/2022
OH2022 Pre-Primary4/21/2022
OH2022 Post-Primary6/10/2022
OH2022 Semiannual7/29/2022
OH2022 Pre-General10/27/2022
OH2022 Post-General12/16/2022

*additional reports may be required by Ohio filers. If a report is skipped (often because its deadline is close to another), the data from that report is captured in the next update.

Ohio Statewide Office Holders 

Ohio statewide office holders (such as the governor and lieutenant governor) serve four-year terms and are up for reelection in non-presidential election years.

The Ohio General Assembly 

The Ohio General Assembly meets every year with regular sessions that last from January through December.

Ohio House Representatives serve two-year terms.

Ohio State Senators serve four-year terms.

Term Limits

Ohio legislators are limited to eight years in office. Statewide officials are limited to two consecutive terms in office.