Political Profile for North Carolina

Limits to Campaign Contributions

All candidates are limited to accepting up to $5,600 per individual donor, per election cycle.

Candidates are limited to accepting up to $5,600 per political action committee (PAC) per election cycle.

Candidates may accept unlimited contributions from political parties.

Candidates may make unlimited contributions to their own campaign from their personal funds.

Candidates may not accept contributions from a super PAC, corporation, or union.

2021 Filing Deadlines

Candidates are required to file detailed reports on their campaign donations and expenditures. Transparency USA provides accurate, searchable data within days of its release by the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

July 30, 2021 – Mid-Year Semiannual Reports

January 28, 2022 – Year-End Semiannual Reports

North Carolina Statewide Office Holders 

North Carolina statewide office holders (such as the governor and lieutenant governor) serve four-year terms and are up for reelection in presidential election years.

The North Carolina General Assembly 

The North Carolina General Assembly meets for two-year sessions which begin in odd numbered years.

North Carolina House Representatives serve two-year terms. 

North Carolina State Senators serve four-year terms.

Term Limits

North Carolina has no term limits for legislators and most statewide officials. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor are limited to two consecutive terms in office.