Roy Cooper
Governor of North Carolina
$2,631,856Total Donations
$874,238Total Expenditures

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Total Donations
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$239,924.63 Aggregated Individual Contribution INDIVIDUAL
$180,885.20 NC Democratic Leadership Committee "Ncdlc" ENTITY
$82,964.66 Gmmb Inc ENTITY
$11,475.00 Catherine Morris INDIVIDUAL
$11,200.00 C Sherwin Suddreth INDIVIDUAL
$10,500.00 William R Hazzard INDIVIDUAL
$8,400.00 Ilene C Siegler INDIVIDUAL
$6,600.00 Ima Cary Nailling INDIVIDUAL
$6,100.00 C Ralph Hodge INDIVIDUAL
$6,100.00 Mack B Pearsall Jr INDIVIDUAL
$5,700.00 Jeanette W Hyde INDIVIDUAL
$5,700.00 Robert J Gallagher INDIVIDUAL
$5,650.00 Michael A Grace INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Adam Silver INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Adam Stein INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Alana Craycraft INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Alex Funderburg INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Amelia Kay Gach INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Amy Susan Grissom INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Andrew Hendry INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Ann B and James Goodnight INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Ann L Campbell INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Anna Harris INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Anthony T Lathrop INDIVIDUAL
$5,600.00 Arin Piramzadian INDIVIDUAL