Catherine Truitt
Superintendent of Public Instruction (R)
$137,502Total Donations
$97,273Total Expenditures

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$110.00 Terry Stoops INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Adelle Park INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Allison Powers INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Anita Karle INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Anne Clifford INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Annita Best INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Bill Wartinbee INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 C Grayson Whitt INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Chandra Storrusten INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Christopher Dargis INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Clayton Sullivan INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Connie Gemmell INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Dan Morenoff INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 David C Oppen INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 David L Rose INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 David Mandalinich INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 David S Snyder INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Dianna Popa Jicha INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 East Carolina Republican Women ENTITY
$100.00 Elaine M Willers INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Elizabeth Gurnack INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Garland Edwards INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Gary Leone INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Gayle Garrison INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 George Fouts INDIVIDUAL