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Gretchen Whitmer
Governor of Michigan
$31,861,191Total Contributions
$33,164,958Total Expenditures
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Top Contributors
Total Contributions
$250,000.00 Jay Pritzker INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Mark Bernstein INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Patricia Stryker INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Ronda Stryker INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Stacy Schusterman INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Heidi and Christopher Stolte INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 James Offield INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Karla T Jurvetson INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Richard Whitmer INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Sharif Hussein INDIVIDUAL
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Top Payees
Total Expenditures
$18,093,087.97 Gmmb Inc ENTITY
$3,689,558.32 Run the World Digital ENTITY
$3,658,365.61 Democratic State Central Committee ENTITY
$2,887,224.07 Paychex Inc ENTITY
$941,051.55 Impact Research ENTITY
$312,444.08 Clark Hill Political Action Comm ENTITY
$297,547.34 Capital Strategies Group ENTITY
$256,096.24 Act Blue ENTITY
$250,000.00 Mark Bernstein INDIVIDUAL
$243,266.25 Change Media Group ENTITY
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Top Loans

There is no loan data available.

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Top Personal Contributions

From reports filed by the recipients of these funds, it appears these transactions originated from personal rather than campaign accounts.

Total Contributions
$1,710.00 Gretchen Whitmer Gretchen Whitmer for Governor
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is the number one fundraiser in Michigan state politics in the 2022 election cycle so far. According to the most recent campaign finance reports made to the Michigan Secretary of State, the governor received $26,046,921 in total contributions and spent $20,109,935 between Jan. 1, 2021 and Sept. 1, 2022. Whitmer is running for re-election in 2022.