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2021 Q4 Data (2021 M12)01/10/202209/30/202112/31/2021
2022 M304/11/202203/01/202203/31/2022Includes M1 and M2
2022 Primary 207/08/202206/25/202207/01/2022Includes M4, M5, P1, P1A
2022 Primary 508/05/202207/23/202207/29/2022Updated with General 1
2022 General 109/02/202208/20/202208/26/2022Includes P2A, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7 and P7A
2022 General 309/30/202209/17/202209/23/2022Includes General 1A, General 2 and General 2A
2022 General 611/04/202210/22/202211/03/2022Includes G4, G5 and D1-D6
2022 December Request12/05/202211/05/202212/04/2022All outstanding filings
2023 Jan Semiannual01/10/202307/01/202212/31/2022All filings in 2022
2023 M304/10/202303/01/202303/31/2023Includes M1 and M2
2023 M607/10/202306/01/202306/30/2023Includes M4, M5, MUC
2023 M910/10/202309/01/202309/30/2023Includes M7 and M8
2023 M1201/10/202412/01/202312/31/2023Includes M10 and M11