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Florida Education Champions
Florida Committee
$41,358,061Total Contributions
$36,882,081Total Expenditures
Financial Activity
Top Contributors
Total Contributions
$22,871,479.00 Draftkings Inc ENTITY
$14,486,054.77 Fanduel Inc ENTITY
$4,000,000.00 Southwest Florida Enterprises Inc ENTITY
$100.00 Lincoln Day INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Barkoe MD PLLC ENTITY
$50.00 Eric Jones INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Gregory Davis INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Jan O'Rourke INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Janet Johnson INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Jonathon Jankoski INDIVIDUAL
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Top Payees
Total Expenditures
$23,864,574.58 Advanced Micro Targeting ENTITY
$5,609,899.54 Election Management Solutions Inc ENTITY
$1,525,000.00 Srh Media Inc ENTITY
$801,400.00 Assemble the Agency LLC ENTITY
$698,557.27 Supernova Digital Communications Inc ENTITY
$648,430.00 Effectv Inc ENTITY
$603,874.70 Election Connections Inc ENTITY
$557,961.47 Image API LLC ENTITY
$370,000.00 Outfront Media ENTITY
$225,830.11 Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson PA ENTITY
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Top Loans

There is no loan data available.

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In Florida politics, non-candidate political action committees (PACs) have received $393.6 million in total donations between January 1, 2021, and February 28, 2022. The top 10 PACs raised more than $234.8 million, or 60 percent of all donations made to state-level PACs.
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