$20,266,209Total Contributions
$19,102,046Total Expenditures
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Philip Weiser
Attorney General of Colorado
Democratic Party
DAttorney General of Colorado$650,573.92$68,653.29
Scott Baldermann
Dave Gross
Rachel Zenzinger
Jena Griswold
Colorado Secretary of State
Democratic Party
DColorado Secretary of State$325,888.07$58,327.62
Jonathan Singer
Jared Polis
Governor of Colorado
Democratic Party
DGovernor of Colorado$288,499.66$283,145.38
Amy Padden
Jeff Bridges
Colorado State Senate District 26
Democratic Party
DColorado State Senate District 26$257,509.42$230,941.80
Matthew Maillaro
Chris Kolker
David Daniel Ortiz
Lora Thomas
Jake Lilly
Brianna Buentello
Tom Sullivan
Colorado State Senate District 27
Democratic Party
DColorado State Senate District 27$194,867.18$169,173.00
Steven Bradley Reams
Steven Paletz
Brianna Caterina Titone
Colorado House of Representatives District 27
Democratic Party
DColorado House of Representatives District 27$190,742.09$193,574.94
Darien Wilson
Bradley Laurvick
Alexis King
Robert R Mccluskey Jr
Lisa Ann Cutter
George Teal