Sara Mae Williams

$1,060Total Contributions
$1,026Total Expenditures

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Total Contributions
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$169.87 Michael E Cease INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Alexandra Terry INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Edna Morris INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Matthew H Smith INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Carolynne Compton INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Daniel Fleury INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Eduardo Quintana INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Mildred Manuel INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Susan McDonough INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Thomas Racey INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Adelita Grijalva INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Jesus Valenzuela De La Garza INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Joseph Mease INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Eula Liane Hernandez INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Luis Martin G Meeden INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Michael Wahl INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Rebecca Cohen INDIVIDUAL
$20.00 JC Preston INDIVIDUAL
$20.00 Karen McLane INDIVIDUAL
$20.00 Lauren Modery INDIVIDUAL
$10.00 Brandi Ryan INDIVIDUAL
$10.00 Gloria Vasquez INDIVIDUAL