Rodney Glassman

$7,113,268Total Contributions
$7,112,473Total Expenditures

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Total Expenditures
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$2,757,479.00 Strategic Media Services Inc ENTITY
$2,056,463.34 Rodney Glassman INDIVIDUAL
$722,334.39 Grassroots Partners LLC ENTITY
$500,437.14 Rdp Strategies ENTITY
$427,038.08 Connect Strategic Communications LLC ENTITY
$102,000.00 Republican Party of Arizona LLC ENTITY
$92,087.74 Autumn Productions ENTITY
$81,000.00 Arizona Petitions Partners LLC ENTITY
$62,057.57 Brianna Skye Rahn INDIVIDUAL
$48,839.24 Winred Technical Services ENTITY
$47,416.00 Chris Kelly INDIVIDUAL
$40,000.00 National Research Inc ENTITY
$25,760.00 Joshua Carl Offenhartz INDIVIDUAL
$24,325.00 Moore Information Inc ENTITY
$20,097.30 Sing King Campaign ENTITY
$14,186.96 Beaspoken Campaign Fundraising Public Affairs ENTITY
$12,000.00 Robert Potts Research ENTITY
$8,584.07 Glassman for Attorney General Exploratory Committee ENTITY
$6,780.54 Sign King of Arizona LLC ENTITY
$6,474.12 Sasha Glassman INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Andrew Young INDIVIDUAL
$5,000.00 Constantin Querard INDIVIDUAL
$5,000.00 Edward Robson INDIVIDUAL
$4,223.70 Mesa Sign Shop ENTITY
$3,765.80 Aggregated Unitemized Expenditures INDIVIDUAL