Marcus Ferrell

$67,143Total Contributions
$68,658Total Expenditures

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$16,221.00 Street Smartz ENTITY
$6,654.19 Keith Michael Ingram INDIVIDUAL
$5,000.00 Dallas Batchelor INDIVIDUAL
$4,500.00 Guido Jet INDIVIDUAL
$4,431.16 Facebook / Meta Platforms ENTITY
$2,954.00 Rebecca Domingez INDIVIDUAL
$2,050.70 Ngp Van Inc ENTITY
$1,672.50 Domingez INDIVIDUAL
$1,254.97 Apple Store ENTITY
$1,200.00 Apa Anestasia Firmfirm ENTITY
$1,103.69 Redline Designs ENTITY
$1,049.71 Acme Prints ENTITY
$991.64 Staples Inc ENTITY
$965.00 Jesus Riveria INDIVIDUAL
$750.00 Blue Ticket Consulting ENTITY
$734.47 Verizon ENTITY
$664.50 Cesar Flores INDIVIDUAL
$650.00 Richard Crews INDIVIDUAL
$606.81 Kings Beer and Wine ENTITY
$596.24 Oneaz ENTITY
$590.26 Circle K ENTITY
$536.78 Geico ENTITY
$511.24 Oneaz Credit Union ENTITY
$504.00 Justin Remelius INDIVIDUAL
$498.08 Safeway ENTITY