WI Laborers District Council
Wisconsin Committee
$347,738Total Contributions
$264,790Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$100.29 Michael Leist INDIVIDUAL
$93.60 Steven Runstrom INDIVIDUAL
$89.02 Robert Becker INDIVIDUAL
$87.55 Stephen Mazurek INDIVIDUAL
$86.52 Kenneth Timm INDIVIDUAL
$86.06 Ryan Pichler INDIVIDUAL
$84.23 Elmo Linton INDIVIDUAL
$84.00 Brent Boeckmann INDIVIDUAL
$83.85 John Gietzel INDIVIDUAL
$83.56 Dennis Siegel INDIVIDUAL
$83.54 Kyle Claflin INDIVIDUAL
$83.36 Glenn Riley INDIVIDUAL
$83.27 Scott Mashlan INDIVIDUAL
$83.04 Lewis Daniels INDIVIDUAL
$83.00 Jeffrey Schneider INDIVIDUAL
$82.50 Jason Flannery INDIVIDUAL
$82.07 Allan Barden INDIVIDUAL
$81.79 Scott Wundrow INDIVIDUAL
$80.75 Santos Hernandez INDIVIDUAL
$80.54 Michael Hiebing INDIVIDUAL
$80.37 Gary Gagner INDIVIDUAL
$79.97 Howard Ace INDIVIDUAL
$79.83 Todd Oyer INDIVIDUAL
$79.56 Jesus Vasquez INDIVIDUAL
$78.77 Adam Couillard INDIVIDUAL