Nada Elmikashfi

$61,524Total Contributions
$60,509Total Expenditures

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$12,764.45 Facebook Inc / Meta ENTITY
$10,361.60 Toskr Inc Dba Getthru ENTITY
$7,500.00 Gjesdahl Tasha ENTITY
$4,500.00 Makowski Michael ENTITY
$4,200.00 Owca Izzy ENTITY
$3,284.00 Ngp Van Inc ENTITY
$3,000.00 O'Keeffe David ENTITY
$3,000.00 Owca Isabella ENTITY
$2,817.49 Wells Print and Digital Services ENTITY
$2,776.70 Actblue Wisconsin ENTITY
$2,754.65 Grassroots Analytics ENTITY
$1,399.99 Budget Signs and Specialties LLC ENTITY
$1,145.81 Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund ENTITY
$203.68 Ali Nariman ENTITY
$195.00 Associated Bank ENTITY
$169.77 Elmikashfi Nada ENTITY
$101.00 Squarespace Inc ENTITY
$57.00 Intuit Inc ENTITY
$47.43 Zoom Video Communications Inc ENTITY
$44.99 Mailchimp ENTITY
$42.18 Walgreen Co ENTITY
$29.98 Castr Live Streaming Inc ENTITY
$24.00 Google ENTITY
$22.00 Envato Market ENTITY
$18.92 Walgreen Co ENTITY