Texas Political Action Committee
$2,351Cash on Hand
$1,388,502Total Contributions
$1,516,684Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this political action committee.

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Total Expenditures
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$234,923.24 Greater Houston Builders Association ENTITY
$70,000.00 Dan Davis INDIVIDUAL
$62,450.00 Sylvester Turner INDIVIDUAL
$41,768.00 Tom Ramsey Campaign INDIVIDUAL
$36,825.00 Greg Travis INDIVIDUAL
$29,918.00 Sarah Davis INDIVIDUAL
$28,550.00 Stephen Costello Campaign INDIVIDUAL
$25,300.00 Mike Knox INDIVIDUAL
$25,241.67 David W Robinson INDIVIDUAL
$25,000.00 Fight Flooding PAC ENTITY
$24,916.66 Mike Laster INDIVIDUAL
$24,850.00 Bill King INDIVIDUAL
$24,000.00 Greg Abbott INDIVIDUAL
$22,200.00 Jim Murphy INDIVIDUAL
$22,100.00 James Noack INDIVIDUAL
$22,000.00 Houston Region Business Coalition ENTITY
$21,600.00 Lois Kolkhorst INDIVIDUAL
$20,500.00 John Whitmire INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Harris County Republican Party (CEC) ENTITY
$19,250.00 Dan Patrick INDIVIDUAL
$18,725.00 Michael Kubosh INDIVIDUAL
$18,000.00 Andy Meyers INDIVIDUAL
$15,500.00 Brandon Creighton INDIVIDUAL
$15,334.00 Mike Schofield INDIVIDUAL
$14,900.00 Bob Hebert Campaign INDIVIDUAL