Political Action Committees

$450,272,805Total Contributions
$405,575,850Total Expenditures
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Total Donations
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Total Expenditures
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Florida 2020 $580,325.00$600,316.84
Florida Conservative Committee $580,131.23$181,360.00
Floridians for Common Sense $578,117.57$426,034.30
Florida Taxpayers Defense $576,050.00$368,347.84
Turn the Page, Inc. $562,650.00$604,323.76
Make America Great Again $552,055.00$551,595.00
Florida Conservative Alliance $550,176.39$428,141.36
Florida Opinion Leaders $546,500.00$179,808.38
Florida Dental Association Political Action Committee (FDAPAC) $544,579.25$400,756.65
Rebranding Politics $543,175.53$531,355.03
Florida Credit Union Political Action Committee (Florida CUPAC) $538,821.31$361,205.54
Florida Prosper $535,470.00$418,545.00
New Leadership for Florida $533,670.20$497,245.18
First Coast Business Foundation $527,475.00$516,176.37
Fighting for Florida Jobs PC $526,030.00$519,480.42
Florida Home Builders PAC $520,686.22$513,464.05
Taxpayers in Action $519,500.00$363,359.28
People for Accountable Government $509,092.04$532,684.10
Women Building the Future $507,000.00$447,586.27
Ruth's List Florida $506,316.41$500,810.07
Conservative Solutions for Jacksonville $505,829.36$344,097.69
Sun Coast Patriots $503,868.56$436,896.00
Conservatives Standing Proudly for Common Sense $500,000.00$2,076.66
Unifying Leadership for Florida $500,000.00$2,072.19
Conservative for Florida $500,000.00$2,050.10