Political Action Committees
$305,691,783Total Contributions
$235,454,488Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Republican Party of Florida $23,594,808.69$13,445,934.17
Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee $22,105,161.28$11,674,790.92
Florida Democratic Party $9,288,043.18$7,271,515.77
Keep Our Constitution Clean PC $9,010,146.76$160,230.36
Make It Legal Florida $8,369,564.20$8,189,220.88
Florida Citizen Voters $8,294,552.95$2,447,179.26
Realtors Political Advocacy Committee $7,968,473.73$7,182,952.54
All Voters Vote, Inc. $6,287,325.00$6,834,611.74
Citizens for Energy Choices $4,878,182.59$5,208,177.09
Jobs for Florida $4,842,091.10$3,809,154.15
Florida For A Fair Wage $4,788,157.14$4,688,386.13
Florida Prosperity Fund $3,328,781.02$3,115,457.47
Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee $3,207,071.29$3,021,714.30
Floridians for a Stronger Democracy $2,989,500.00$2,809,174.84
Win Justice $2,953,274.00$2,354,207.08
Voice of Florida Business Political Action Committee $2,723,500.00$2,500,062.51
Florida Justice PAC $2,722,107.07$2,586,003.91
Conservatives For Principled Leadership $2,698,312.84$2,117,219.56
Floridian's United for Our Children's Future $2,391,750.00$2,362,094.21
Working Together For Florida PAC $2,247,044.00$1,710,840.09
Our Vote Our Voice PAC $2,243,668.94$1,764,004.99
Conservatives for a Better Florida $2,240,083.00$1,439,946.86
Floridians for Economic Freedom $2,179,895.91$365,467.02
Ban Assault Weapons Now $2,087,277.71$1,864,943.57
Florida Medical Association Political Action Committee $2,082,308.36$2,051,778.35