Political Action Committees

$324,206,209Total Contributions
$222,088,178Total Expenditures
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Total Donations
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Total Expenditures
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Florida Voters in Charge $51,564,100.00$45,648,968.69
Florida Education Champions $37,198,985.77$36,097,536.49
Standing Up for Florida, Inc. $20,005,100.00$19,513,755.56
Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, Inc. $15,629,236.64$3,446,074.27
Republican Party of Florida $15,523,711.86$10,038,185.67
People Against Regulatory Legislation Addressing You PC $15,000,206.02$206.02
Housing for Hometown Heroes $12,075,290.62$5,352,867.63
Voters in Control, Inc. $10,005,435.26$10,000,060.00
Florida Democratic Party $6,357,865.20$2,377,389.19
Realtors Political Advocacy Committee $5,976,576.37$3,830,061.05
Miami For Everyone $5,613,580.25$827,837.83
Jobs for Florida $3,893,391.18$3,277,335.79
Building a Better Economy PC $3,216,452.61$47,001.24
Florida House Republican Campaign Committee $3,206,222.07$360,449.69
Working Together For Florida PAC $2,726,582.00$1,217,609.37
Florida Prosperity Fund $2,554,500.00$2,731,431.20
Florida Consumers First $2,416,322.21$853,426.63
Floridians for Economic Freedom $2,341,686.41$139,968.58
Associated Industries of Florida Political Action Committee $2,119,500.00$2,182,884.30
Floridians for Economic Advancement $2,083,750.00$1,767,382.38
Conservatives for a Better Florida $1,990,464.25$1,567,439.09
Voice of Florida Business Political Action Committee $1,978,850.00$2,012,724.54
Treasure Florida $1,781,670.54$191,316.35
Florida Justice PAC $1,756,525.92$1,991,601.29
JAX First $1,646,984.84$147,590.35