Political Action Committees
$11,700,567Total Contributions
$7,754,677Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Building a Better Economy PC $1,314,500.00$0.00
Friends of Jason Fischer $671,131.19$700.90
New Opportunity Florida $500,000.00$20.00
Realtors Political Advocacy Committee $441,919.86$275,617.02
Miami For Everyone $435,000.00$15,061.00
Next Generation Jax $400,750.00$190.94
Working Together For Florida PAC $312,500.00$234,723.23
Florida Prosperity Fund $213,500.00$53,028.18
Conservatives for a Better Florida $192,000.00$347,648.85
HCA West Florida Division Good Government PAC $187,500.00$37,000.00
Florida Credit Union Political Action Committee (Florida CUPAC) $179,612.44$83,000.00
HCA East Florida Division Good Government PAC $175,000.00$37,000.00
Associated Industries of Florida Political Action Committee $168,000.00$116,247.56
OD-EYEPAC $166,146.02$205,412.24
A Bold Florida Future $165,000.00$164,500.00
Vote Differently $160,000.00$175,975.00
Building a Better Florida PC $150,000.00$172,000.00
Milton "Milt" Hirsch $127,133.00$1,385.77
Florida Manufactured Housing Association PAC Inc. $119,914.50$0.00
Florida Chamber of Commerce PAC $104,328.50$247,717.78
Panhandle Prosperity $100,386.60$2,200.00
Conservatives $100,000.00$23,568.25
FPF Fire PC $96,482.70$119,500.00
Conservatives for Rural Florida $90,000.00$16,974.89
Florida Prosper $85,000.00$147,000.00