Political Action Committees

$414,296,351Total Contributions
$299,903,381Total Expenditures
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Total Expenditures
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Florida Voters in Charge $75,564,100.00$74,105,796.34
Florida Education Champions $41,358,060.77$36,844,095.48
Standing Up for Florida, Inc. $40,005,100.00$39,740,144.88
Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, Inc. $18,875,967.35$4,548,816.01
Republican Party of Florida $17,330,970.41$16,594,868.77
People Against Regulatory Legislation Addressing You PC $15,000,206.02$206.02
Housing for Hometown Heroes $11,889,290.52$5,483,769.81
Voters in Control, Inc. $10,005,435.26$10,000,149.85
Florida Democratic Party $8,953,101.37$4,089,590.87
Realtors Political Advocacy Committee $7,996,501.18$5,009,142.32
Miami For Everyone $5,663,580.25$847,478.13
Jobs for Florida $4,440,476.71$4,749,949.03
Building a Better Economy PC $3,885,652.61$132,627.22
Florida House Republican Campaign Committee $3,729,297.36$503,112.90
Working Together For Florida PAC $3,107,582.00$1,347,220.40
Florida Consumers First $2,884,444.60$1,279,936.48
Floridians for Economic Freedom $2,764,354.70$168,809.75
Conservatives for a Better Florida $2,596,441.25$1,759,854.99
Associated Industries of Florida Political Action Committee $2,579,500.00$2,204,726.26
Florida Prosperity Fund $2,574,500.00$2,749,153.66
Floridians for Economic Advancement $2,383,751.62$2,234,912.38
Treasure Florida $2,206,933.41$254,019.86
JAX First $2,194,828.03$232,866.39
Florida Chamber of Commerce PAC $2,135,959.50$1,860,136.68
Florida Justice PAC $2,116,095.66$2,475,324.69