Political Action Committees
$435,715,690Total Contributions
$380,343,706Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Republican Party of Florida $41,763,064.61$34,081,421.83
Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee $37,934,015.58$34,073,460.06
Florida Democratic Party $13,582,638.20$15,834,618.45
Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee $13,198,081.29$12,049,977.70
Forward Majority Action Florida $11,445,000.00$11,745,415.79
Keep Our Constitution Clean PC, Inc. $9,010,146.76$160,230.36
Make It Legal Florida $8,369,564.20$8,190,108.63
Realtors Political Advocacy Committee $8,321,275.16$7,989,788.94
Florida Citizen Voters $8,296,552.95$2,461,771.14
All Voters Vote, Inc. $7,737,825.00$8,293,101.59
Florida For A Fair Wage $6,270,561.90$4,819,071.54
Florida House Republican Campaign Committee $6,159,250.00$5,829,029.44
Jobs for Florida $5,880,872.80$5,026,762.11
Citizens for Energy Choices $4,878,182.59$5,208,177.09
Win Justice $4,868,932.62$4,445,357.59
Somos Votantes $4,629,450.00$4,438,699.36
Florida Prosperity Fund $4,453,281.02$4,575,995.74
Florida for All, Inc. $3,989,750.00$3,844,432.88
Florida Justice PAC $3,652,115.79$2,935,512.74
Conservatives For Principled Leadership $3,351,088.39$3,353,783.29
Floridians for a Stronger Democracy $3,339,500.00$3,273,693.52
Voice of Florida Business Political Action Committee $3,222,000.00$3,018,082.60
Working Together For Florida PAC $2,864,594.00$1,889,631.05
Floridian's United for Our Children's Future $2,787,250.00$2,784,127.80
Floridians for Economic Freedom $2,775,322.57$3,968,937.32