Accountability In Government, Inc.
Florida Political Action Committee
$51,500Total Contributions
$62,499Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this political action committee.

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Total Expenditures
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$42,145.24 Data Targeting Inc ENTITY
$10,000.00 Electioneering Consulting Inc ENTITY
$3,141.00 Win America PAC ENTITY
$1,000.00 Jeremiah Blocker Campaign ENTITY
$1,000.00 Jessica Baker ENTITY
$1,000.00 Michael Owen Campaign (Hillsborough County Commission D4) ENTITY
$1,000.00 Mike Fulford Campaign ENTITY
$1,000.00 Nick Howland Campaign ENTITY
$1,000.00 Randy Maggard ENTITY
$1,000.00 Ray Forbess Campaign ENTITY
$212.50 Coates Law Firm Pl ENTITY