Unite Here Arizona
Arizona Political Action Committee
$464,254Total Contributions
$587,458Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these donors to this political action committee during the selected election cycle.

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$250,000.00 Unite Here Tip State and Local Fund ENTITY
$136,396.68 Unite Here Local 11 PAC ENTITY
$39,705.34 Case Action Fund ENTITY
$25,000.00 United Food & Commercial Workers Union of AZ Local 99 ENTITY
$3,000.00 Arizona AFL CIO ENTITY
$2,949.36 Adrian T Demoss INDIVIDUAL
$2,797.74 Kent R Kornmeyer INDIVIDUAL
$1,905.31 Derek Smith INDIVIDUAL
$931.70 Gideon S Goldberg INDIVIDUAL
$357.40 Alvin Guyton INDIVIDUAL
$342.00 Amtrust North America Inc ENTITY
$142.05 Orenthal L Stumps INDIVIDUAL
$124.70 Carly Kirchen INDIVIDUAL
$119.69 Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District ENTITY
$100.00 Sacco & Sacco ENTITY
$72.84 Maria E Cardenas INDIVIDUAL
$61.92 Grace Rosanova INDIVIDUAL
$57.55 Southwest Gas Corporation ENTITY
$54.93 Sonia Pozo INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Adp LLC ENTITY
$45.36 Carolyn F Jones INDIVIDUAL
$28.64 Unite Here Local 11 PAC ENTITY
$10.74 Nicholas A Acosta INDIVIDUAL