Tracy Livingston

$27,738Total Donations
$27,738Total Expenditures

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$5,000.00 Tracy Livingston INDIVIDUAL
$2,500.00 Earl Kendrick INDIVIDUAL
$2,500.00 Randy Kendrick INDIVIDUAL
$2,000.00 Jim Chamberlain INDIVIDUAL
$1,223.01 Aggregated Unitemized Contributions INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Juanita L and Philip Francis INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Kelsey Lundy INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Sandra Froman INDIVIDUAL
$850.00 Lucian Spataro Jr INDIVIDUAL
$750.00 Farmers Employees and Agents PAC ENTITY
$600.00 John Kaites INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Donna B Stawicki INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Gibson Mckay INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Joy Staveley INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Wendy Briggs INDIVIDUAL
$350.00 Rebecca Hill INDIVIDUAL
$340.00 Craig Jacob Rosenstein INDIVIDUAL
$340.00 Don Isaacson INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Jaime Molera INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Thomas C Dorn INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Ethan Orr INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Jeff Sandquist INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Karrin Taylor INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Marc Osborn INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Nicholas Simonetta INDIVIDUAL