Kiana Sears

$290,115Total Donations
$290,158Total Expenditures

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$271,948.00 Citizens Clean Election Commission ENTITY
$1,440.00 Times Media Group ENTITY
$578.13 Kiana Sears INDIVIDUAL
$560.18 Aggregated Unitemized Contributions INDIVIDUAL
$320.00 Karen Mcclelland INDIVIDUAL
$200.36 Kiana Sears INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 George Orr INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Penita Pratcher INDIVIDUAL
$160.00 Jan Dowlin INDIVIDUAL
$160.00 Lidya Araya INDIVIDUAL
$160.00 Luella Whiteside INDIVIDUAL
$160.00 Martha Mccoy INDIVIDUAL
$160.00 Monica Lumpkin INDIVIDUAL
$150.00 Elizabeth Zukoski INDIVIDUAL
$150.00 Kurt Mangum INDIVIDUAL
$150.00 Lachele Mangum INDIVIDUAL
$150.00 Robin Zukoski INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Anne B Stericker INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Barbara Warren INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Bill R Clark INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Bonnie Lewis INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Charles Caswell INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Dave Hint INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Dean Patterson INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Dianne Post INDIVIDUAL