David G Walsh
$43,050Total Contributions

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$10,000.00 Tony Evers 08/28/2018Attorney
$10,000.00 Tony Evers 06/28/2022Attorney
$2,500.00 Josh Kaul 09/14/2018Retired
$2,500.00 Josh Kaul 09/11/2022Not Employed
$1,500.00 Lisa Neubauer 03/17/2019Attorney
$1,500.00 Josh Kaul 04/17/2022Not Employed
$1,250.00 Roger Roth Miron Construction Conduit12/29/2017VP Development Construction
$1,000.00 Tim Burns 06/20/2017Attorney
$1,000.00 Susan M Crawford 03/19/2018Retired
$1,000.00 Rebecca Dallet 03/01/2018Retired
$1,000.00 Matthew Flynn 12/19/2017Attorney
$1,000.00 Jill Karofsky 03/03/2020Attorney
$1,000.00 Lisa Neubauer 02/25/2019Attorney
$1,000.00 Josh Kaul 12/15/2017Attorney
$1,000.00 Josh Kaul 05/09/2018Attorney
$1,000.00 Josh Kaul 11/01/2018Not Employed
$1,000.00 Lisa Neubauer 02/01/2020Attorney
$1,000.00 Tony Evers 12/15/2017Attorney
$750.00 Rep Assembly Campaign Com Racc - Seg Fund Miron Construction Conduit12/30/2019Vice President
$500.00 Susan M Crawford 02/26/2018Retired
$300.00 Jessie Rodriguez Miron Construction Conduit10/30/2020VP Human Resources
$300.00 Roger Roth Miron Construction Conduit12/30/2019VP
$250.00 State Senate Democratic Comm - Seg Fund 10/22/2018Retired Attorney- Partner
$200.00 John Nygren Miron Construction Conduit12/26/2018VP Human Resources
$150.00 David Armstrong 10/19/2020VP