Susan M Crawford

$94,539Total Contributions
$106,155Total Expenditures

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Total Contributions
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$11,900.00 Susan Crawford INDIVIDUAL
$3,000.00 Erich Schwenker INDIVIDUAL
$2,000.00 Edward Ream INDIVIDUAL
$2,000.00 John W Miller INDIVIDUAL
$2,000.00 Kevin Conroy INDIVIDUAL
$1,610.00 Farabaugh Patrick INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 David G Walsh INDIVIDUAL
$1,125.00 Richard Petershack INDIVIDUAL
$1,045.00 Philip Crawford INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Craig Christianson INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 James And Doyle INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Jeffrey B Bartell INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Joe Sensenbrenner INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Melanie Fonder Kaye INDIVIDUAL
$900.00 Rob Striker INDIVIDUAL
$800.00 Linda H Bochert INDIVIDUAL
$750.00 Jim And Je Doyle INDIVIDUAL
$750.00 Kevin Hayden INDIVIDUAL
$750.00 Matt Frank INDIVIDUAL
$750.00 Ruth Rohlich INDIVIDUAL
$706.00 Judy Karofsky INDIVIDUAL
$600.00 Lester Pines INDIVIDUAL
$600.00 Patricia A Brady INDIVIDUAL
$525.00 Diane Welsh INDIVIDUAL
$525.00 Jane Hamblen INDIVIDUAL