Roger Roth

$302,002Total Contributions
$87,706Total Expenditures

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$13,588.86 Butte Des Morts Country Club Inc ENTITY
$11,755.35 Committee to Elect a Republican Senate - Seg Fund ENTITY
$9,500.00 Cross Rhodes Strategies ENTITY
$4,417.63 Roger Roth ENTITY
$3,734.23 Ums Print Solutions LLC ENTITY
$3,561.00 Arena Communications ENTITY
$2,442.48 Online Services LLC ENTITY
$2,250.00 Wisconsin Ethics Commission ENTITY
$2,000.00 Dan Feyen ENTITY
$2,000.00 Dan Kapanke ENTITY
$2,000.00 Eric Wimberger ENTITY
$2,000.00 Joan Ballweg ENTITY
$2,000.00 Julian Bradley ENTITY
$2,000.00 Mary Felzkowski ENTITY
$2,000.00 Patrick Testin ENTITY
$2,000.00 Robert Stafsholt ENTITY
$1,856.80 Lakeshore Weekly ENTITY
$1,511.36 Matthew Henkel ENTITY
$1,113.35 Walgreens Co PAC ENTITY
$1,000.00 Rachael Cabral-Guevara ENTITY
$1,000.00 Scott Fitzgerald ENTITY
$1,000.00 Tom Tiffany ENTITY
$952.00 Residence Inn ENTITY
$931.14 Residence Inn ENTITY
$682.25 Triple J ENTITY