Jill Karofsky
Wisconsin Supreme Court
$2,890,599Total Contributions
$2,894,998Total Expenditures

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Total Contributions
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$1,357,969.23 Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund ENTITY
$80,500.00 Jill Karofsky INDIVIDUAL
$33,000.00 Jill Karofsky ENTITY
$27,259.68 Buying Time LLC ENTITY
$25,500.00 Wisconsin Education Association Council ENTITY
$20,000.00 Clay Kirk INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 John C Miller INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 John W Miller INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Lynde B Uihlein INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Robert Haselow INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Stacy Schusterman INDIVIDUAL
$18,000.00 Democrat Republican Independent Voter Education DRIVE Federal ENTITY
$18,000.00 Garrett Kirk INDIVIDUAL
$18,000.00 IBEW Local 494 PAC ENTITY
$18,000.00 Mti Voters (Voice of Teachers) ENTITY
$18,000.00 National Democratic Redistricting PAC Federal ENTITY
$18,000.00 SEIU COPE - Federal ENTITY
$18,000.00 United Auto Workers ENTITY
$18,000.00 Wisconsin Carpenters PAC ENTITY
$18,000.00 WI Laborers District Council ENTITY
$18,000.00 WI People Conference ENTITY
$14,500.00 Judith Karofsky INDIVIDUAL
$12,000.00 Mary Ellyn Sensenbrenner INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 American Fed of Teachers #212 Cope ENTITY
$10,000.00 Amy Goldman Fowler INDIVIDUAL